Efficient view-dependent out-of-core visualization

  title={Efficient view-dependent out-of-core visualization},
  author={M. Guthe and P. Borodin and R. Klein},
  booktitle={International Conference On Virtual Reality and Its Applications in Industry},
  • M. Guthe, P. Borodin, R. Klein
  • Published in
    International Conference On…
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Hierarchical levels of details (HLODs) have proven to be an efficient way to visualize complex environments and models even in an out-of-core system. Large objects are partitioned into a spatial hierarchy and on each node a level of detail is generated for efficient view-dependent rendering. To ensure correct matching between adjacent nodes in the hierarchy care has to be taken to prevent cracks along the cuts. This either leads to severe simplification constraints at the cuts and thus to a… CONTINUE READING
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