Efficient synthesis of meso-substituted corroles in a H2O-MeOH mixture.

  title={Efficient synthesis of meso-substituted corroles in a H2O-MeOH mixture.},
  author={Beata Koszarna and Daniel T Gryko},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={71 10},
New and efficient conditions for the synthesis of meso-substituted corroles were developed. The first step, involving the reaction of aldehydes with pyrrole, was carried out in a water-methanol mixture in the presence of HCl. A relatively narrow distribution of aldehyde-pyrrole oligocondensates was obtained through careful control of their solubility in the reaction medium. After thorough optimization of various reaction parameters (cosolvent, reagent, and acid concentration), high yields of… CONTINUE READING
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