Efficient self-aligning multibeam coupling into a single-mode fiber

  title={Efficient self-aligning multibeam coupling into a single-mode fiber},
  author={Michael Snowbell and N. Strasman and Baruch Fischer and Mark Cronin-Golomb},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
We present and demonstrate a method for efficient coupling of many beams into a single-mode fiber. Using the phase conjugating property for mutually incoherent beams of the double phase conjugate mirror (DPCM), we achieved coupling for a full 6/spl times/6 matrix of beams into a single-mode fiber. In principle, this number of input channels can be increased manyfold beyond the 36 used in our experiment. Of the phase conjugate generated by the DPCM in the direction of the fiber, over 97… 
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