Efficient non-viral transfection of THP-1 cells.

  title={Efficient non-viral transfection of THP-1 cells.},
  author={Michael Schnoor and Insa Buers and Anika Sietmann and Martin F. Brodde and Oliver Hofnagel and Horst Robenek and Stefan Lorkowski},
  journal={Journal of immunological methods},
  volume={344 2},
Macrophages are an important part of the cellular immune system and play a key role during immune responses. Thus, macrophages are interesting targets in basic and clinical research. Primary monocytes or monocyte-derived macrophages do not proliferate on a suitable scale so that their use for functional studies in vitro is limited. Immortal proliferating cell lines, such as the human THP-1 monocytic leukemia cell line, are therefore often used instead of primary cells. Transfection is a useful… CONTINUE READING