Efficient multi-keV X-ray sources from Ti-doped aerogel targets.

  title={Efficient multi-keV X-ray sources from Ti-doped aerogel targets.},
  author={K B Fournier and Costel Constantin and Jorge Poco and Morgan E. C. Miller and C. A. Back and Larry J Suter and Joe H. Satcher and Jeff Davis and Jacob Grun},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={92 16},
We have measured the production of hnu approximately 4.7 keV x rays from low-density Ti-doped aerogel (rho approximately 3 mg/cc) targets at the OMEGA laser facility (University of Rochester), with the goal of maximizing x-ray output. Forty OMEGA beams (lambda(L)=0.351 microm) illuminated the two cylindrical faces of the target with a total power that… CONTINUE READING