Efficient method of failure detection in iterative array multiplier (poster paper)


In this paper we present a method for on-line testing of multiplier. The method is based on the time and information natural redundancy and provides design of the simple self-checking checker for hard failure detection in 8-bit and 16-bit array multiplier. 1. Hard failure detection Traditionally the hard failure identification process is executed by errors detection and calculation their number on the given time. It requires the use of check method with high probability of error detection (for example, residue checking) and leads to design of complicated checker. We propose to detect the hard failure by the various probabilities of detection of random fault and hard failure. It needs a check method with small probability P and time of hard failure detection τ = ln (2 P ) / (ln (1 P )).

DOI: 10.1145/343647.344352

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