Efficient low-energy near-infrared KTiOPO(4) optical parametric converter.


We report a widely tunable near-infrared holosteric KTiOPO(4) optical parametric converter featuring a low pump energy threshold and high conversion efficiency. The converter uses two 10-mm-long crystals in a simple optical parametric oscillator amplif ier configuration and is tunable from 750 to 1040 nm for the signal. The pump energy threshold at 920 nm… (More)

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@article{Srinivasan1995EfficientLN, title={Efficient low-energy near-infrared KTiOPO(4) optical parametric converter.}, author={Niranjan Srinivasan and Hiromitsu Kiriyama and Takashi Kimura and Michito Ohmi and Mikiko Yamanaka and Yasukazu Izawa and Seiji Nakai and Chihiro Yamanaka}, journal={Optics letters}, year={1995}, volume={20 11}, pages={1265-7} }