Efficient load balancing over asymmetric datacenter topologies

  title={Efficient load balancing over asymmetric datacenter topologies},
  author={Syed Mohammad Irteza and Hafiz Mohsin Bashir and Talal Anwar and Ihsan Ayyub Qazi and Fahad R. Dogar},
  journal={Computer Communications},
Abstract Datacenter networks are often structured as multi-rooted trees to provide high bisection bandwidth at low cost. To utilize the available bisection bandwidth, an efficient load balancing algorithm is required. Under symmetric network conditions, packet spraying is known to perform well, as it enables fine-grained (packet-level) load balancing over equal cost paths. However, packet spraying performs poorly in asymmetric topologies. To make packet spraying effective under asymmetry while… CONTINUE READING
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Key Quantitative Results

  • Over a variety of application workloads and asymmetric network scenarios, including single and multiple link failures, results indicate that SAPS performs well, e.g., under single link failure, outperforming state-of-the-art load balancing schemes by up to 61% for average flow completion times.

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