Efficient isolation of multiphoton processes and detection of collective resonances in dilute samples

  title={Efficient isolation of multiphoton processes and detection of collective resonances in dilute samples},
  author={Lukas Bruder and Marcel Binz and Frank Stienkemeier},
  journal={Physical Review A},
A novel technique to sensitively and selectively isolate multiple-quantum coherences in a femtosecond pump-probe setup is presented. Detecting incoherent observables and imparting lock-in amplification, even weak signals of highly dilute samples can be acquired. Applying this method, efficient isolation of one- and two-photon transitions in a rubidium-doped helium droplet beam experiment is demonstrated and collective resonances up to fourth order are observed in a potassium vapor for the first… 

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  • S. Mukamel
  • Physics
    The Journal of chemical physics
  • 2016
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The spectra of atomic Rb electronic states show a vastly enhanced sensitivity and spectral resolution when compared to conventional pump-probe wave packet interferometry and the feasibility of applying coherent multidimensional spectroscopy to dilute cold gas phase samples is demonstrated.

and F

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For simplicity, we consider only the phase of the signals, since it contains all relevant information

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