Efficient hardware architecture for direct 2D DCT computation and its FPGA implementation

  title={Efficient hardware architecture for direct 2D DCT computation and its FPGA implementation},
  author={A. Hatim and S. Belkouch and T. Sadiki and M. Hassani},
  journal={2013 25th International Conference on Microelectronics (ICM)},
In this paper, we propose a low complexity architecture for direct 2D-DCT computation. The architecture will transform the pixels from spatial to spectral domain with the required quality constraints of the compression standards. In our previous works we introduced a new fast 2D_DCT with low computations: only 40 additions are used and no multiplications are needed. Based on that algorithm we developed in this work a new architecture to achieve the computations of the 2D DCT directly without… Expand
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