Efficient ethanol production from brown macroalgae sugars by a synthetic yeast platform

  title={Efficient ethanol production from brown macroalgae sugars by a synthetic yeast platform},
  author={Maria Enquist-Newman and Ann Marie E. Faust and Daniel D. Bravo and Christine Nicole S. Santos and Ryan M. Raisner and Arthur M Hanel and Preethi Sarvabhowman and Chi Chip Le and Drew D. Regitsky and Susan R. Cooper and Lars Peereboom and Alana Clark and Yessica Martinez and Joshua Goldsmith and Min Yi Cho and Paul D. Donohoue and Lily Li Luo and Brigit Lamberson and Pramila Tamrakar and Edward J. Kim and Jeffrey L. Villari and Avinash Gill and Shital A. Tripathi and Padma Karamchedu and Carlos J. Paredes and Vineet Rajgarhia and Hans Kristian Kotlar and Richard B. Bailey and Dennis J. Miller and Nicholas L. Ohler and Candace Swimmer and Yasuo Yoshikuni},
The increasing demands placed on natural resources for fuel and food production require that we explore the use of efficient, sustainable feedstocks such as brown macroalgae. The full potential of brown macroalgae as feedstocks for commercial-scale fuel ethanol production, however, requires extensive re-engineering of the alginate and mannitol catabolic pathways in the standard industrial microbe Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Here we present the discovery of an alginate monomer (4-deoxy-l-erythro-5… CONTINUE READING

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