Efficient entanglement concentration for arbitrary less-entangled NOON states

  title={Efficient entanglement concentration for arbitrary less-entangled NOON states},
  author={Lan Zhou and Yu-Bo Sheng and Wei-Wen Cheng and Longyan Gong and Shengmei Zhao},
  journal={Quantum Information Processing},
We put forward an efficient entanglement concentration protocol (ECP) for arbitrary less-entangled NOON state. In the protocol, we resort to the weak crossKerr nonlinearity to complete this task. Different from other ECPs, this protocol can be reused to get a high success probability. We do not need to know the exact coefficients of the initial state. Moreover, we even do not need to know the exact photon number of the initial NOON state. This protocol may be useful and convenient in the… CONTINUE READING
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