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Efficient deposition and sustained lung concentrations of NVA237 after inhalation via the Breezhaler® device in man

  title={Efficient deposition and sustained lung concentrations of NVA237 after inhalation via the Breezhaler{\textregistered} device in man},
  author={R. S{\'e}chaud and Manish Sudershan and S. Perry and Hisanori Hara and A. Drollmann and R. Karan and L. D. Scala and S. Biswal and Beverley E Patterson and G. Kaiser},
  journal={European Respiratory Journal},
Introduction This study in healthy volunteers (HVs) was designed to investigate the bioavailability of inhaled NVA237 (glycopyrronium bromide-GP) delivered via the Breezhaler® device and to investigate the contributions of pulmonary and gastrointestinal (GI) absorption to systemic exposure. GI absorption was blocked with oral activated charcoal (AC) to study the pharmacokinetics (PK) of the NVA237 absorption via the lung. Methods In Part 1, NVA237 400 µg was administered orally to 10 HVs with… Expand
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Glycopyrronium is an inhaled once-daily long-acting muscarinic antagonist recently approved for the maintenance treatment of patients with COPD that has been shown to provide rapid and sustained improvements in lung function, dyspnea, health status, exercise endurance and exacerbation risk and an acceptable safety and tolerability profile. Expand
Área de asma de SEPAR, Área de enfermería de SEPAR, Departamento de asma ALAT
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