Efficient and good Delaunay meshes from random points

  title={Efficient and good Delaunay meshes from random points},
  author={Mohamed S. Ebeida and Scott A. Mitchell and Andrew A. Davidson and Anjul Patney and Patrick M. Knupp and John D. Owens},
  journal={Computer-Aided Design},
We present a Conforming Delaunay Triangulation (CDT) algorithm based on maximal Poisson disk sampling. Points are unbiased, meaning the probability of introducing a vertex in a disk-free subregion is proportional to its area, except in a neighborhood of the domain boundary. In contrast, Delaunay refinement CDT algorithms place points dependent on the geometry of empty circles in intermediate triangulations, usually near the circle centers. Unconstrained angles in our mesh are between 30° and… CONTINUE READING