Efficient analysis of protein 2D NMR spectra using the software package EASY.


The program EASY supports the spectral analysis of biomacromolecular two-dimensional (2D) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data. It provides a user-friendly, window-based environment in which to view spectra for interactive interpretation. In addition, it includes a number of automated routines for peak-picking, spin-system identification, sequential resonance assignment in polypeptide chains, and cross peak integration. In this uniform environment, all resulting parameter lists can be recorded on disk, so that the paper plots and handwritten notes which normally accompany manual assignment of spectra can be largely eliminated. For example, in a protein structure determination by 2D 1H NMR, EASY accepts the frequency domain datasets as input, and after combined use of the automated and interactive routines it can yield a listing of conformational constraints in the format required as input for the calculation of the 3D structure. The program was extensively tested with current protein structure determinations in our laboratory. In this paper, its main features are illustrated with data on the protein basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor.

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