Efficient Timing Mismatch Correction for Low-Cost Digital-Mixing Transmitter


In this paper we present a novel digital predistortion method to eliminate the nonlinear timing mismatches, delay mismatch and duty cycle mismatch, in the in-phase and quadrature upconversion signals of a power-efficient digital transmitter architecture. This transmitter architecture has a separate digital-mixing stage before the digital-to-analog… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/TSP.2015.2477045


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@article{Li2015EfficientTM, title={Efficient Timing Mismatch Correction for Low-Cost Digital-Mixing Transmitter}, author={Chunshu Li and Min Li and Marian Verhelst and Andr{\'e} Bourdoux and Mark Ingels and Liesbet Van der Perre and Sofie Pollin}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing}, year={2015}, volume={63}, pages={6553-6564} }