Efficient SimRank-based Similarity Join Over Large Graphs


Graphs have been widely used to model complex data in many real-world applications. Answering vertex join queries over large graphs is meaningful and interesting, which can benefit friend recommendation in social networks and link prediction, etc. In this paper, we adopt “SimRank” to evaluate the similarity of two vertices in a large graph because of its generality. Note that “SimRank” is purely structure dependent and it does not rely on the domain knowledge. Specifically, we define a SimRank-based join (SRJ) query to find all the vertex pairs satisfying the threshold in a data graph G. In order to reduce the search space, we propose an estimated shortest-path distance based upper bound for SimRank scores to prune unpromising vertex pairs. In the verification, we propose a novel index, called h-go cover, to efficiently compute the SimRank score of a single vertex pair. Given a graph G, we only materialize the SimRank scores of a small proportion of vertex pairs (called h-go covers), based on which, the SimRank score of any vertex pair can be computed easily. In order to handle large graphs, we extend our technique to the partition-based framework. Thorough theoretical analysis and extensive experiments over both real and synthetic datasets confirm the efficiency and effectiveness of our solution.

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