Efficient Service Data Management in Dynamic Environment


With the increasing service-oriented applications, efficient service data management is becoming a practical and important issue. Currently, most exchange messages among different Web services is SOAP, which is represented by XML-formatted data. So, the main task of service data management is to manage XML format message files in order to provide efficient store and query for service requestors. Storing XML documents in relational databases has drawn much attention in recent years because it can leverage existing investments in relational database technologies. However, most former work defines relational schema for XML files based on heuristics without considering application characteristics, hence fails to produce efficient relational schema for various applications. In this paper, we propose an autonomic, workload-aware approach to generate relational schema according to dynamic application characteristics or user specified workload. Our approach adopts the genetic algorithm to find optimal mappings, and an elegant encoding method and related operations are proposed to manipulate mappings using bit strings. We implemented the proposed algorithm and our preliminary experiment results showed that our algorithm was more robust, more suitable for dynamic SOA applications and produced better relational schema than existing work

DOI: 10.1109/ICWS.2007.82

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