Efficient Rewriting Algorithms for Preference Queries

  title={Efficient Rewriting Algorithms for Preference Queries},
  author={Periklis Georgiadis and Ioannis Kapantaidakis and Vassilis Christophides and Elhadji Mamadou Nguer and Nicolas Spyratos},
  journal={2008 IEEE 24th International Conference on Data Engineering},
Preference queries are crucial for various applications (e.g. digital libraries) as they allow users to discover and order data of interest in a personalized way. In this paper, we define preferences as preorders over relational attributes and their respective domains. Then, we rely on appropriate linearizations to provide a natural semantics for the block sequence answering a preference query. Moreover, we introduce two novel rewriting algorithms (called LBA and TBA) which exploit the… CONTINUE READING
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