Efficient "MultiKG" Routing Protocol Based on Multi-Hop Transmission


Effective data transmission in sensor networksis a crucial problematic on routing researches. Hence, thispaper proposes an adaptive routing algorithm called Multi-KG based on clustering. The main contributions consist in theintegration of an improved unsupervised algorithm of the Kmeanson clusters and the use of the Gaussian eliminationalgorithm for choosing Cluster Heads (CH). To route datato the base station, a multi-hop communication Inter-CHs isadopted. In this manner, balanced-energy clusters are createdand distributed energy consumption is guaranteed. Simulationsin a wireless sensor network show that the new approachgreatly reduces computation time thanks to K-means andminimizes energy consumption thanks to Gauss. It shouldbe mentioned that 'Multi-KG' gives better results becauseit prolongs the lifetime of CHs nodes and consequently thenetwork lifetime by adopting an inter-cluster communicationand intra-cluster in a multi-Hop.

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