Efficient Linear and Affine Codes for Correcting Insertions/Deletions

  title={Efficient Linear and Affine Codes for Correcting Insertions/Deletions},
  author={K. Cheng and V. Guruswami and Bernhard Haeupler and X. Li},
This paper studies \emph{linear} and \emph{affine} error-correcting codes for correcting synchronization errors such as insertions and deletions. We call such codes linear/affine insdel codes. Linear codes that can correct even a single deletion are limited to have information rate at most $1/2$ (achieved by the trivial 2-fold repetition code). Previously, it was (erroneously) reported that more generally no non-trivial linear codes correcting $k$ deletions exist, i.e., that the $(k+1)$-fold… Expand
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