Efficient LED light distribution cavities using low loss, angle-selective interference transflectors.


Recent advances in solid state light source efficiency and luminance present the technical challenge of distributing light from very small point sources to large areas, with area distribution ratios having orders of magnitude greater than previously addressed. Broad adoption of LEDs in lighting and liquid crystal displays is in part contingent on addressing this fundamental light distribution issue. Here we present new materials based on giant birefringent nanotechnology which address these deficiencies allowing us to guide light in air via a novel light distribution system. Resulting from controlled in-plane and out-of-plane x,y,z refractive indices of adjacent layers, these multilayer interference films possess both angle selective and polarization selective reflectance. The angle selectivity can be tuned in both azimuth and polar angle, relieving a key constraint of prior materials. Our work has been done on a physically large scale enabling demonstration of large light management systems of industrial and practical relevance.

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