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Efficient Integrity Checking Technique for Securing Client Data in Cloud Computing

  title={Efficient Integrity Checking Technique for Securing Client Data in Cloud Computing},
  author={Dalia Attas and Omar Batrafi},
It has been widely observed that the concept of cloud computing is become one of major theory in the world of IT industry. It involves storing the user's data to be able to use the applications and services that the clouds introduce. There is a significant numbers of risks can be occurred. One of these risks that can attack the cloud computing is the integrity of the data stored in the cloud (2). In order to overcome the threat of integrity of the data, the user must be able to use the… 

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Third Party Auditor: An integrity checking Technique for Client Data Security in Cloud Computing
The basics of cloud computing, general model and different approaches used for TPA are highlighted, which help the user to evaluate the risk of their services.
New public and private auditability schemes which are used by TPA to audit the remotely stored data in the cloud are elaborates and comparative analysis of existing integrity check techniques with the new technique for cloud data storage is provided.
The scheme only provides the information about the change in data it does not keep data intact or secure from modification over cloud, but TPA is a Third Party Auditor who verifies the files stored over the cloud if they are modified or not.
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A framework that would provide integrity of data of multiple users through Third Party Auditor (TPA) is proposed and various algorithms to implement this framework are proposed to provide best cost optimization for various requirements of user.
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This project proposes a method that, owner need not download the data or files to check the integrity and it provides the proofs that data stored at a remote storage in cloud is not modified by anyone and there by integrity of the data is assured.
Auditability and Privacy preserving in Cloud Storage
This paper studies the problems of ensuring data storage correctness and proposes an effective and secure scheme to address these issues and a third party auditor (TPA) is introduced securely.
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The proposed work draws a conceptual cloud architecture by adopting an encryption algorithm with dynamic small size key to ensure the security and doesn't compromise any information with the cloud server.


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The model generates probabilistic proofs of possession by sampling random sets of blocks from the server, which drastically reduces I/O costs and the overhead at the server is low (or even constant), as opposed to linear in the size of the data.
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Security in Computing, 2 nd ed
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Security in Computing, 2 ed
  • 1997