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Efficient Estimation in NPIV Models: A Comparison of Various Neural Networks-Based Estimators

  title={Efficient Estimation in NPIV Models: A Comparison of Various Neural Networks-Based Estimators},
  author={Jiafeng Chen and Xiaohong Chen and Elie Tamer},
We investigate the computational performance of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in seminonparametric instrumental variables (NPIV) models of high dimensional covariates that are relevant to empirical work in economics. We focus on efficient estimation of and inference on expectation functionals (such as weighted average derivatives) and use optimal criterion-based procedures (sieve minimum distance or SMD) and novel efficient score-based procedures (ES). Both these procedures use ANN to… 
Automatic Debiased Machine Learning in Presence of Endogeneity†
Recent advances in machine learning literature provide a series of new algorithms that both address endogeneity and can be applied in high-dimensional environments, we call them MLIV. This paper


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