Efficient Energy Consumption of Cluster Head in Wireless Sensor Network


Advancement in technology, WSN of sensor nodes in the network is the structure which is small in size and has low battery to communicate with other nodes. It contains memory and processors for sensing the data from the surroundings. Routing is much complicated in this form of network as compared to other wireless networks and there are different routing protocols are used to deploy the communication among the nodes. Energy consumption is one of the major issues in this network to maintain the lifetime of the network. Entire network life span is depending on proficient energy exploitation in sensor network. To improve the energy consumption, performed the clustering among the nodes which is one of the techniques to utilize the energy of network efficiently. In the existing work, performed the deployment of cluster head randomly on the basis of distance and residual energy. But it is not efficient method which overcome by applying another technique in proposed work. MATLAB simulator is used in this paper work which shows proposed technique. Keywords—Wireless Sensor Network, Energy, Base Station, Clustering, Cluster Head, Fuzzy logic.

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