Efficient Elliptic Curve Exponentiation Using Mixed Coordinates

  title={Efficient Elliptic Curve Exponentiation Using Mixed Coordinates},
  author={H. Cohen and A. Miyaji and Takatoshi Ono},
  • H. Cohen, A. Miyaji, Takatoshi Ono
  • Published in ASIACRYPT 1998
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Elliptic curve cryptosystems, proposed by Koblitz ([12]) and Miller ([16]), can be constructed over a smaller field of definition than the ElGamal cryptosystems ([6]) or the RSA cryptosystems ([20]). This is why elliptic curve cryptosystems have begun to attract notice. In this paper, we investigate efficient elliptic curve exponentiation. We propose a new coordinate system and a new mixed coordinates strategy, which significantly improves on the number of basic operations needed for elliptic… CONTINUE READING

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