Efficient Construction of (Distributed) Verifiable Random Functions

  title={Efficient Construction of (Distributed) Verifiable Random Functions},
  author={Yevgeniy Dodis},
  booktitle={IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive},
We give the first simple and efficient construction of verifiable random functions (VRFs). VRFs, introduced by Micali et al. [MRV99], combine the properties of regular pseudorandom functions (PRFs) [GGM86] (i.e., indistinguishability from a random funct ion) and digital signatures [GMR88] (i.e., one can provide an unforgeable proof that the VRF value is correctly computed). The efficiency of our VRF construction is only slightly worse than that of a regular PRF construction of Naor and Reingold… CONTINUE READING
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