Efficient Computation of Zero-Dimensional Gröbner Bases by Change of Ordering

  title={Efficient Computation of Zero-Dimensional Gr{\"o}bner Bases by Change of Ordering},
  author={J. Faug{\`e}re and P. Gianni and D. Lazard and T. Mora},
  journal={J. Symb. Comput.},
  • J. Faugère, P. Gianni, +1 author T. Mora
  • Published 1993
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Symb. Comput.
  • We present an efficient algorithm for the transformation of a Grobner basis of a zero-dimensional ideal with respect to any given ordering into a Grobner basis with respect to any other ordering. This algorithm is polynomial in the degree of the ideal. In particular the lexicographical Grobner basis can be obtained by applying this algorithm after a total degree Grobner basis computation: it is usually much faster to compute the basis this way than with a direct application of Buchberger's… CONTINUE READING
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