Efficient Circuitry for Computing τ-adic Non-Adjacent Form

  title={Efficient Circuitry for Computing τ-adic Non-Adjacent Form},
  author={Kimmo J{\"a}rvinen and Juha Forsten and Jorma Skytt{\"a}},
  journal={2006 13th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems},
Elliptic curve point multiplication kP on an elliptic curve is required in every elliptic curve cryptosystem. The operation can be significantly accelerated by using a special type of elliptic curves called the Koblitz curves and by representing the integer k in τ-adic non-adjacent form (τNAF). Hardware-friendly modifications of existing τNAF conversion algorithms are presented and an efficient circuitry for the τNAF conversion is described with performance characteristics on an Altera Stratix… CONTINUE READING
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