Efficient Assembly of Complex Objects


Although obJect-oriented database systems offer advantages over relational or record-oriented database systems, such as modelmg facll]tles for complex objects, they are cnticlzed for poor performance and query capabilities on set-oriented applications The unacceptable performance IS due m part to the ob]ect-at-a-time processing typically used by object-oriented database systems. We believe that improved performance of ob]ectoriented database systems depends partially on the efficient and se[ectxve retrveval of sets of complex objects from secondary storage. In this report, we present the method of complex object retrlevai and assembly used in the Volcano query processing system and the Revelation project. We also present experimental results comparing set-oriented versus obJect-at-a-t]me complex object assembly

DOI: 10.1145/115790.115809

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