Efficient Algorithms for Eulerian Extension and Rural Postman

  title={Efficient Algorithms for Eulerian Extension and Rural Postman},
  author={Frederic Dorn and Hannes Moser and Rolf Niedermeier and Mathias Weller},
  journal={SIAM J. Discrete Math.},
The aim of directed Eulerian extension problems is to make a given directed, possibly arc-weighted, (multi-)graph Eulerian by adding a minimum-cost set of arcs. These problems have natural applications in scheduling and arc routing and are closely related to the Chinese Postman and Rural Postman problems. Our main result is to show that the NP-hard WeightedMultigraph Eulerian Extension problem is fixed-parameter tractable with respect to the number k of extension arcs. For a directed, n-vertex… CONTINUE READING


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