Efficient Addition on Field Programmable Gate Arrays

  title={Efficient Addition on Field Programmable Gate Arrays},
  author={Andreas Jakoby and Christian Schindelhauer},
We investigate average efficient adders for grid-based environments related to current Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and VLSI-circuits. Motivated by current trends in FPGA hardware design we introduce a new computational model, called the λ -wired grid model. The parameter λ describes the degree of connectivity of the underlying hardware. This model covers among others two-dimensional cellular automata for λ = 0 and VLSI-circuits for λ = 1. To formalize input and output constraints of… 
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  • A. Jakoby
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Average case complexity of unbounded fanin circuits
  • A. Jakoby, R. Reischuk
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It is shown that only two cases can occur: a parallel prefix functions f either has the same average complexity as PARITY, that is the average delay has to be of order O(log n/ loglog s) for circuits of size s, or f can be computed with constant average delay and almost linear size there is no complexity level in between.
On Parallel Prefix Computation
We prove that prefix sums of n integers of at most b bits can be found on a COMMON CRCW PRAM in time with a linear time-processor product. The algorithm is optimally fast, for any polynomial number