Efficiency of segmented HPGe detectors: design criteria for pulse shape analysis

  title={Efficiency of segmented HPGe detectors: design criteria for pulse shape analysis},
  author={Oliver Wieland and Franco Camera and Benedicte Million and Annalisa Bracco and Micheal Pignanelli and Giancarlo Ripamonti and Antonio Geraci and Jan Van Der Marel},
The problems with reconstructing the trajectory of /spl gamma/-rays and identifying their interaction points in segmented coaxial HPGe detectors are discussed here in view of their importance in the design of the next generation of detector arrays for /spl gamma/-ray spectroscopy studies. In fact, the tracking quality of the /spl gamma/-ray interactions in the medium controls the overall detection efficiency. This paper focuses on two main points. One is the study of how the tracking… CONTINUE READING

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