Efficiency-Optimized High-Current Dual Active Bridge Converter for Automotive Applications

  title={Efficiency-Optimized High-Current Dual Active Bridge Converter for Automotive Applications},
  author={Florian Krismer and Johann Walter Kolar},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
An efficiency-optimized modulation scheme and design method are developed for an existing hardware prototype of a bidirectional dual active bridge (DAB) dc/dc converter. The DAB being considered is used for an automotive application and is made up of a high-voltage port with port voltage V<sub>1</sub>, 240 V ≤ V<sub>1</sub> ≤ 450 V, and a low-voltage port with port voltage V<sub>2</sub>, 11 V ≤ V<sub>2</sub> ≤ 16 V; the rated output power is 2 kW. A much increased converter efficiency is… CONTINUE READING
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