Efficiency Evaluation of Two Competing Foraging Modes under Different Conditions

  title={Efficiency Evaluation of Two Competing Foraging Modes under Different Conditions},
  author={I. Scharf and Einat Nulman and O. Ovadia and A. Bouskila},
  journal={The American Naturalist},
  pages={350 - 357}
  • I. Scharf, Einat Nulman, +1 author A. Bouskila
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • Various foraging modes are employed by predators in nature, ranging from ambush to active predation. Although the foraging mode may be limited by physiological constraints, other factors, such as prey behavior and distribution, may come into play. Using a simulation model, we tested to what extent the relative success of an ambush and an active predator changes as a function of the relative velocity and movement directionality of prey and active predator. In accordance with previous studies, we… CONTINUE READING
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