Efficacy of toki-shigyakuka-gosyuyu-syokyo-to (danggui-sini-jia-wuzhuyu-shengjiang-tang) on peripheral circulation in autonomic disorders.


To investigate the improvement in peripheral circulation in autonomic disorders, we monitored skin temperature in the tails of rats by thermography before and after the oral administration of boiled water extract of Toki-shigyakuka-gosyuyu-syokyo-to (TSGS-to). Oral administration of this extract elevated the temperature, calculated as the calories of radiant heat in the rat tail 5-10 min after uptake. The temperature elevation remained stable for more than 20 min. Calories were significantly reduced 60 min after uptake and almost returned to initial values 90 min later. Some of the constituent herbs, especially Angelicae radix, Cinnamomi cortex, Evodiae fructus, and Zingiberis rhizoma, appeared to be active in relieving hypothermia.

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