Efficacy of surgical treatment in traumatic central cord syndrome.


BACKGROUND Controversy surrounds the treatment of traumatic central cord syndrome (TCCS), as there are strong advocates for nonsurgical treatment for most patients. However, conservative treatment has been shown to yield a longer period of discomfort from pain and weakness in certain cases. METHODS In a retrospective review of 114 patients presenting with acute or chronic TCCS from 1988-94, four different age groups were separately observed under different treatments. Motor and sensory recovery were assessed. RESULTS Better results were achieved in younger patients, with or without radiographic abnormalities, and in patients with clinically correlated encroaching cord lesions who received early surgical decompression. CONCLUSIONS Surgical intervention for TCCS must be addressed with careful clinical and radiographic survey. Removal of offending lesions in the subacute period results in significant motor and sensory improvement in short-term and long-term follow-up.


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