Efficacy of rabies biologics against new lyssaviruses from Eurasia.

  title={Efficacy of rabies biologics against new lyssaviruses from Eurasia.},
  author={Cathleen A. Hanlon and Ivan V. Kuzmin and Jesse Dean Blanton and William C. Weldon and Jamie S Manangan and Charles E. Rupprecht},
  journal={Virus research},
  volume={111 1},
New causative agents of rabies continue to emerge as shown by the recent description of four novel lyssaviruses from bats in Eurasia, Aravan (ARAV), Khujand (KHUV), Irkut (IRKV), and West Caucasian bat virus (WCBV). The effect of rabies vaccination prior to exposure to these new lyssaviruses was investigated in two animal models (i.e., Syrian hamsters and ferrets). The hamsters were vaccinated intramuscularly with a commercial human or veterinary vaccine or with an experimental vaccinia-rabies… CONTINUE READING


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