• Mathematics
  • Published 2012

Efficacy of diffusion barriers on shelf-life of peas

  title={Efficacy of diffusion barriers on shelf-life of peas},
  author={Silvy Gupta and Shafiq Alam},
A study was conducted to assess the effect of storage parameters i.e. pectin coating concentrations and packaging materials on shelf life and quality of peapods stored under ambient conditions (17–22°C and 75–85%). Pectin coating of various concentrations (0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% and 2.0%) were tried on fresh peapods in order to extend the marketing period. Coating was applied by immersion method. Coated and uncoated peapods were stored in open crates, LDPE, HDPE (100 gauge) under ambient conditions… CONTINUE READING