Efficacy of caspofungin, a 1,3-β-D-glucan synthase inhibitor, on Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in rats.


Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PcP) is a common and potentially fatal opportunistic infection in immunosuppressed patients, and the standard trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMZ) treatment has serious side effects. The cell wall of the causative fungal pathogen is enriched in 1-3-β-D-glucan, providing an alternative therapeutic target. We directly compared the efficacy of the 1,3-β-D-glucan synthase inhibitor caspofungin to TMP-SMZ for promoting survival and reducing lung cyst number during the early phase of treatment in a rat model of PcP. Rats were immunosuppressed using dexamethasone for 8 weeks and PcP infection confirmed in test animals by lung print smear. The remaining rats were randomly divided into three control groups, a baseline group and two observed for 7 or 14 days, two caspofungin groups treated intravenously for 7 or 14 days (1 mg/kg/d), and 2 TMP-SMZ positive control groups treated by oral gavage for 7 or 14 days (300 mg/kg/d). Mortality was markedly reduced by both caspofungin and TMP-SMZ after 14 days (caspofungin: 20.0%, TMP-SMZ: 13.3%, Control: 40.0%). Body weight gain in caspofungin-treated rats after 7 (3.04 ± 3.54%) and 14 (4.27 ± 2.79%) days was similar to that in TMP-SMZ-treated rats (3.35 ± 1.88% and 5.85 ± 2.78%, respectively), whereas untreated controls showed weight loss. Lung weight to body weight ratio, and mean cyst number per 50 microscopic fields were significantly lower (all P < 0.05) in caspofungin-treated rats than untreated controls at both 7 and 14 days, and similar to those in the TMP-SMZ-treated rats (all P > 0.05 vs. caspofungin). Caspofungin exhibited similar efficacy to TMP-SMZ for enhancing survival and reducing lung edema and cyst load in a rat model of PcP, suggesting potential clinical utility against PcP.

DOI: 10.1093/mmy/myu060

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