Efficacy of biperiden and atropine as anticonvulsant treatment for organophosphorus nerve agent intoxication

  title={Efficacy of biperiden and atropine as anticonvulsant treatment for organophosphorus nerve agent intoxication},
  author={T. Shih and J. Mcdonough},
  journal={Archives of Toxicology},
  • T. Shih, J. Mcdonough
  • Published 2000
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Archives of Toxicology
  • Abstract The ability of the nerve agents tabun, sarin, soman, GF, VR, and VX to produce brain seizures and the effectiveness of the anticholinergics biperiden HCl or atropine SO4 as an anticonvulsant treatment were studied in a guinea-pig model. All animals were implanted a week prior to the experiment with cortical electrodes for electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings. On the day of exposure, the animals were pretreated with pyridostigmine (0.026 mg/kg, i.m.) 30 min prior to challenge with a 2… CONTINUE READING
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    Control of nerve agent-induced seizures is critical for neuroprotection and survival.
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    Atropine and/or diazepam therapy protects against soman-induced neural and cardiac pathology.
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