[Efficacy of bacteriophages in complex treatment of patients with burn wounds].


Results of clinical and laboratory evaluation of the treatment with pyobacteriophage in tablets of the patients with burn wounds are presented. It was shown that phagotherapy provided more rapid cure of pyoseptic complications, temperature normalization, wounds purification and lower lethality Bacteriological analysis of wound secretions revealed that after the treatment staphylococci and streptococci were cultured 2 times rarely, Proteus spp. Were isolated 1.5 times rarely, E. coli was not isolated. The amount of positive haemocultures also diminished. Investigation of immunologic status demonstrated statistically significant normalization of immunity on cell level. Phagocytosis level didn't change while in control group (without bacteriophage use) it became lower. Antibody level enhanced but less extensively than in control group. The results of trial demonstrates positive effect of phagotherapy use at the patients with burns.

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