Efficacy of a commercial turkey coryza vaccine (Art-Vax) in turkey poults.

  title={Efficacy of a commercial turkey coryza vaccine (Art-Vax) in turkey poults.},
  author={Mark W. Jackwood and Yehia Mo Saif},
  journal={Avian diseases},
  volume={29 4},
Four laboratory experiments were designed to study the efficacy of the only available commercial vaccine for turkey coryza, Art-Vax. Poults were vaccinated either once or twice at different ages and challenged with pathogenic Alcaligenes faecalis. In another study, commercial turkeys vaccinated at 1 and 12 days of age on a commercial farm were brought to the laboratory for challenge with pathogenic A. faecalis. Both the laboratory- and field-vaccinated poults were given the manufacturer's… CONTINUE READING

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