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Efficacy of a Morinda citrifolia Based Skin Care Regimen

  title={Efficacy of a Morinda citrifolia Based Skin Care Regimen},
  author={B. West and R. Sabin},
A six week clinical trial of a Morinda citrifolia (noni) based skin care regimen was conducted with 49 women, ages 38 to 55 years. Daily application of three product formulations to the face and neck resulted in significant reductions in lateral canthal fine lines and wrinkles (crow's feet), as measured by technician scoring and digital image analysis. Use of the regimen also improved skin elasticity and firmness Cutometer® measurements. No evidence of skin irritation was present in any… Expand
The Influence of Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Fruit Juice on Collagen Deposition in the Skin: A Minireview
The fruit of Morinda citrifolia, commonly known as noni, has an extensive history of use as a food and medicine throughout the tropics. Among its many uses, noni was believed to promote skin health.Expand
Health Benefits of Morinda citrifolia (Noni): A Review
Background: Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has been used widely as a comple­ mentary and alternative therapy in many countries owing to its potent anti­ oxidant activity and proven health benefits.Expand
Severe Acne Treatment Based on Morindacitrifolia and Lithobatescatesbeianus Skin: A Case Report
Acne is not just a cosmetic disorder and is usually reported as a potential generator of considerable physical and psychological scarring. Severe acne requires systemic treatment which mainly includeExpand
Development and Characterization of Morinda Citrifolia Phytosomal Gel for Topical Application
INTRODUCTION:Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most universal system of health care system. The advancement in the field of herbal drug delivery started recently with the aim to manage humanExpand
Formulation of an anti-wrinkle hydrogel face mask containing ethanol extract of noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia L) for use as a nutracosmeceutical product
Objectives: Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia L) containing ursolic acid and 3,3’ bisdemethylpinoresinol can be useful as an anti-wrinkle agent. The hydrogel face mask is an alternative skin careExpand
1 The Potential Health Benefits of Noni Juice : 2 A Review of Human Intervention Studies 3
Noni juice is a globally popular health beverage that originates from the tropics. 9 Traditional Tahitian healers believe the noni plant to be useful for a wide range of maladies, and 10 noni juiceExpand
The Potential Health Benefits of Noni Juice: A Review of Human Intervention Studies
A review of published human intervention studies suggests that noni juice may provide protection against tobacco smoke-induced DNA damage, blood lipid and homocysteine elevation as well as systemic inflammation, and may improve joint health, increase physical endurance, increase immune activity, inhibit glycation of proteins, aid weight management, and improve gum health. Expand
“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Plants and plant-based preparations for facial care in Suriname
People have probably used plant-based substances to improve their appearance since the existence of mankind. The first documented use of cosmetics dates back to 3,000 BC from ancient Egypt, but it isExpand
Place de la baie de Goji ( Lycium barbarum L. Solanaceae) parmi les superfruits actuels : ses bienfaits antioxydants
Le terme « superfruits » designe aujourd’hui un ensemble de fruits dont les teneurs en nutriments et/ou en composes phytochimiques (notamment les anti-oxydants) sont considerables. Parmi eux, la baieExpand


Morinda citrifolia Linn. (Rubiaceae) leaf extracts mitigate UVB-induced erythema
Results suggest that M. citrifolia leaves are safe for topical use and may be useful in mitigating UVB-induced injury to the skin. Expand
Inhibitory effects of Morinda citrifolia extract and its constituents on melanogenesis in murine B16 melanoma cells.
Western blot analysis suggested that the lignans inhibited melanogenesis by down regulation of the levels of phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase, resulting in suppression of tyrosinase expression. Expand
The ocean-going noni, or Indian Mulberry (Morinda citrifolia, Rubiaceae) and some of its “colorful” relatives
The genus Morinda embraces about 80 species, mostly of Old World origin.M. citrifolia L. (southern Asia Australia), noted as a source of dye and edible leaves, has buoyant seeds that float for manyExpand
Morinda citrifolia L.- use in indigenous Samoan medicine
Based on literature and a field study, the use of Morinda citrifolia L. in the traditional medicine of Samoa (Western Polynesia) is given. Literature data on constituents and effectiveness is alsoExpand
Fijian medicinal plants
The available reports on the medicinal use of Fijian plants are brought together in a comprehensive, up-to-date compilation, presented in a readable form to assist scientists in further investigations and point the way to plants from which new and effective cures may be obtained. Expand
A review of ageing and an examination of clinical methods in the assessment of ageing skin. Part 2: Clinical perspectives and clinical methods in the evaluation of ageing skin
Clinical methods used in the assessment of skin ageing are many and require a disciplined approach to their use in such investigations, particularly in those cases where perception of product effect needs additional support. Expand
A study of human skin mechanical properties by means of Cutometer.
  • H. Dobrev
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Folia medica
  • 2002
The present study discusses some aspects of the biological informativeness and interpretation of the results obtained in studying skin mechanical properties with cutometer and analyzes previously published studies on the mechanical properties of healthy and diseased skins and their changes after external influences. Expand
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Studies on the ethnobotany of the island of
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Studies on the ethnobotany of the island of Rotuma
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