Efficacy of a Barrier Gel for Reducing the Development of Plaque, Calculus, and Gingivitis in Cats

  title={Efficacy of a Barrier Gel for Reducing the Development of Plaque, Calculus, and Gingivitis in Cats},
  author={Jan Bellows and Doug Carithers and Sheila J. Gross},
  journal={Journal of Veterinary Dentistry},
  pages={89 - 94}
This study was performed to assess the field efficacy of a professional and home-care barrier gel against the development of plaque, calculus, gingival bleeding, and gingivitis in client-owned cats over a 56-day period compared with negative controls. In a randomized, negative-controlled, outcome evaluator-blinded, client-owned animal clinical field study, 31 cats were evaluated to assess if the barrier gel dental product was effective in cats. Following an enrollment-qualification assessment… 

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