Efficacy of Yoga versus Relaxation Techniques on Climacteric Symptoms of Perimenopausal women

  title={Efficacy of Yoga versus Relaxation Techniques on Climacteric Symptoms of Perimenopausal women},
  author={Dr.Prabhnoor Kaur and Dr. Sandeepa Kaur and Dr.Saravanan Shanmugam and Dr.Manpreet Kang},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences},
Between the age of 45 to 60 years, 85% of the women display the typical symptoms of climacterium. Out of these 35% of the women experience little weakness, 35% display moderate symptoms, 25% complain of severe pain and 5 % of these are so much affected that they are incapable of working. There have been number of alternative treatments available for treating climacteric symptoms apart from hormonal therapy. The present comparative study is aimed to find out the advantages of one therapy over… 
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