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Efficacy of Andrographis paniculata, Nees for pharyngotonsillitis in adults.

  title={Efficacy of Andrographis paniculata, Nees for pharyngotonsillitis in adults.},
  author={Visanu Thamlikitkul and Thaweephol Dechatiwongse and S Theerapong and Charas Chantrakul and P Boonroj and W Punkrut and W Ekpalakorn and N Boontaeng and S Taechaiya and Somboon Petcharoen},
  journal={Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet},
  volume={74 10},
One hundred and fifty-two adult patients with pharyngotonsillitis were enrolled in the randomized double blind study to assess the efficacy of Andrographis paniculata. The patients were randomized to receive either paracetamol or 3 g/day of Andrographis paniculata or 6 g/day of Andrographis paniculata for 7 days. The baseline characteristics of the patients among the three groups were not different. The efficacy of paracetamol or high dose Andrographis paniculata was significantly more than… Expand

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A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical evaluation of extract of Andrographis paniculata (KalmCold) in patients with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection.
  • R. Saxena, R. Singh, +8 authors A. Amit
  • Medicine
  • Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology
  • 2010
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