Efficacy and safety of topical ALA-PDT in the treatment of EMPD.

  title={Efficacy and safety of topical ALA-PDT in the treatment of EMPD.},
  author={Yang Gao and Xing-cun Zhang and Wensheng Wang and Yang Yang and Hailin Wang and Yuangang G. Lu and Dongli Fan},
  journal={Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy},
  volume={12 1},
BACKGROUND Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a successful treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers in clinical practice. More and more doctors use PDT to cure the patients with skin cancer, especially in the elder. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical PDT using aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) in the treatment of Extramammary Paget's disease (EMPD) and its role in surgical improvements. METHODS A total of 38 cases were included in this study. Lesions were located… CONTINUE READING


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