Efficacy and safety of an inactivated whole-virion SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (CoronaVac): interim results of a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial in Turkey

  title={Efficacy and safety of an inactivated whole-virion SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (CoronaVac): interim results of a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial in Turkey},
  author={Mine Durusu Tanriover and Hamdi Levent Doğanay and Murat Akova and Hatice Rahmet G{\"u}ner and Alpay Azap and Sıla Akhan and Ş{\"u}kran K{\"o}se and Fatma Sebnem Erdinc and Emin Halis Akalın and {\"O}mer Fehmi Tabak and H{\"u}sn{\"u} Pullukçu and {\"O}zg{\"u}r Batum and Serap ŞİMŞEK YAVUZ and {\"O}zge Turhan and Mustafa Taner Yıldırmak and İftihar K{\"o}ksal and Yeşim Taşova and Volkan Korten and G{\"u}rdal Yılmaz and Mustafa Kemal Çelen and Sedat Altın and Ilhami Çelik and Yasar Bayindir and Ilkay Karaoğlan and Aydın Yılmaz and Aykut {\"O}zkul and Hazal G{\"u}r and Serhat Unal and Bircan İmran Ayça {\"O}mer G{\"u}le İrem Ahmet Çağkan Mehtap Hati Kayaaslan Hasanoğlu Dalkıran Aydos Çınar Akdemir-K and Bircan Kayaaslan and Imran Hasanoğlu and Ayça Dalkıran and {\"O}mer Aydos and Gule Cınar and İrem Akdemir-Kalkan and Ahmet Çagkan Inkaya and Mehtap Aydın and Hatice Kiran Çakir and Jale Yıldız and {\"O}zenir Kocabıyık and S. Aytac Arslan and Bayram Nallı and {\"O}mer Furkan Demir and Sarp Singil and Çiğdem Ataman-Hatipoğlu and Gunay Tuncer-Ertem and Sami Kınıklı and Uğur {\"O}nal and Bilgul Mete and G{\"o}zde Dalgan and Meltem Işikg{\"o}z Taşbakan and Tansu Yamazhan and Berna K{\"o}m{\"u}rc{\"u}oğlu and Enver Yalnız and Aysun Benli and Çağla Keskin-Sarıtaş and Mustafa Gokhan Ertosun and {\"O}zlenen {\"O}zkan and Salih Emre and Seçil G{\"u}nher Arıca and Ferit Kuşçu and Aslıhan Candevir and Buket Ert{\"u}rk-Şengel and Fadime Ayvaz and Firdevs Aksoy and Çiğdem Mermutluoğlu and Yakup Demir and G{\"u}lşah G{\"u}nl{\"u}oğlu and Seda Tural-{\"O}n{\"u}r and Ayşin Kılıç-Toker and Esma Eren and Barış Otlu and Ayse Mete and K{\"u}bra Koçak and Hale Ateş and İlkay Koca-Kalkan and Kurtuluş Aksu},
  journal={Lancet (London, England)},
  pages={213 - 222}

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