Efficacy and Safety of Two Polyherbal Combinations: E-MA-H and E-MA-HP in Male Sexual Dysfunction

  title={Efficacy and Safety of Two Polyherbal Combinations: E-MA-H and E-MA-HP in Male Sexual Dysfunction},
  author={M. Kulkarni and Bhakti S Shinde and M. V. Chaudhari and G. Avhad and Shrikant V Pensalwar and B. Prasad and M. Deshpande and Richard A. Rosenbloom},
  journal={American Journal of Therapeutics},
Efficacy and safety of 2 herbal products-E-MA-H at 2 dose levels, low (HLD) and high (HHD), and E-MA-HP (HP) capsules-versus placebo (PL) was evaluated in subjects with male sexual dysfunction. Males aged 21-60 with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other form of sexual dysfunction were studied in this triple-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-groups trial. Subjects received any one of the following 4 interventions: E-MA-H 2 capsules at night (HLD) for 60 days; E-MA-H… Expand
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